We would like to offer you our Neem powder - whether as pure powder or filled into capsules -  offer a high-quality product that you can use without any concerns. We have even started a reforestation project for this! Our products are guaranteed to be free of additives and contain the best neem from the Chaco of Paraguay, from our organic-certified farm, away from civilization and possible sources of contamination.

  • High quality of Neem powder

  • Suitable for any diet

  • Made in Germany

  • Own organic farm

Eine Nahaufnahme von einem Zweig der Neem Pflanze mit den grünen Blättern.

Our quality promise

It is important to us to be able to offer you products that meet the highest quality standards. Therefore, we will briefly explain how we ensure the high quality of our products:

Neem from our own organic certified farm in Paraguay

Controlled home cultivation instead of middlemen

We keep a close eye on the value chain

Further processing of the Neem leaves into powder is controlled by us

Own production hall with state-of-the-art machines used for further processing of the neem

Further processing of the Neem powder in Germany (filling into capsules or bags)

Die Illustration vergleicht Neem Blatt Pulver stammend aus den Neem Pflanzen von reeleef und den Wettbewerbern. Reeleefs Neem Pulver ist sattgrün, das der Wettbewerber bräunlich.

How can something that is the same look so different?

High quality neem powder is important to us! Our neem comes 100% from our organic-certified farm in Paraguay, so we are independent of middlemen and know exactly where our neem comes from and how it is processed.

In addition, we can guarantee that our neem powder is made exclusively from the leaves of the neem tree and is not diluted with inferior fillers or contains other parts of the neem tree. The result is a rich green neem powder that is free of impurities and produced under the highest quality standards.

Reeleef other producers

Rich green

Muddy to greenish brown





In our own modern factory



100% Neem leaf powder

Supposedly 100% Neem leaf powder




Unsere Farm umgeben von grünen Neem Pflanzen in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung, von der Vogelperspektive betrachtet.

Why is quality important?

Why are we telling you this? Because we want to make it clear to you that our neem powder is pure and safe! Things might be completely different for other companies that produce neem powder or neem capsules. We'll explain it to you briefly:

How other companies do it: Neem from India

Neem from middlemen
Many companies get their neem from India, from middlemen. Women are often hired there to harvest the neem leaves. Since they are paid by the kilogram, the motto here is quantity over quality. In other words, the condition of the neem leaves is not the main focus.

Uncertain raw material source & further processing
In addition, the leaves are harvested in the wild. In practice, this means that the women do not harvest the leaves in the fields, but rather where the trees are growing. It cannot be ruled out that leaves are also picked that are on the side of the road or are exposed to particular contamination. The neem leaves are then handed over to the clients who process the leaves further - how or under what quality standards is uncertain. These are then bought up by companies and sold on to the end consumer in the form of neem powder or in capsules.

Questionable quality of the alleged pure neem leaf powder
The neem powder, which may contain inferior neem leaves or other ingredients, is often muddy to greenish-brown and indicates inferior quality of the neem powder.

Vs. how reeleef does it: Neem from Paragauy

Controlled home cultivation
We do things differently - from growing the seedlings to processing the leaves - everything happens on our organic-certified farm and we control every step. This means we are independent of middlemen and can guarantee the high quality of our Neem products.

Fair working conditions & emphasis on social support
The people who work on site and are responsible for, among other things, harvesting the leaves and processing them into powder are paid fairly. We also want to support the people on our farm socially, so we have built a school on the farm that is not only open to the children of the employees, but also to adults who can learn to read and write here.

Kleine Neem Pflanzen mit grünen Blättern, die sich in der Erde in einer Art Blumentopf  befindet.

Our (Neem) nursery in Paraguay

From the harvesting of the seeds to the cultivation and planting of the seedlings in the fields, everything is carefully documented on our farm in Paraguay. This allows us to track the individual work steps well and guarantee the high quality of our raw materials. Below we give you an overview of how our plants are grown.

  • Nahaufnahme unserer ausgewachsenen Neem Pflanze, man sieht die grünen Blätter, Früchte, Äste und Zweige des Neem Baums.

    When the neem trees are big enough and bear fruit, they are harvested.

  • Die kleinen Neem Pflanzen sind aus den Samen der Neem Frucht in der Erde gekeimt.

    The seeds of the fruit are then planted in small containers and grown in our nursery in a protected environment from the sun. After a few days, seedlings develop.

  • Die kleinen Neem Pflanzen haben erste Blätter und sind in rechteckige Behälter in der Erde platziert.

    Once these leaves form, they are planted in larger containers and cared for until they are three months old.

  • Ein Farmarbeiter im T-Shirt und Baseball Kappe lädt die kleinen Neem Pflanzen auf den Anhänger für den Weitertransport auf das Feld.

    Now they are big enough to be planted on the farm. They are transported to the field on trailers.

  • Die landwirtschaftliche Maschine bohrt in das von Gras bewachsene Feld ein Loch mit einem Metall Bohrer.

    On site, holes are drilled into the ground by a tractor equipped with a drilling machine.

  • Eine Person pflanzt mit seinen Händen eine kleine Neem Pflanze in die Erde.

    Since the neem plants will grow into large trees, it is important to maintain a certain distance between the trees. This is also possible with the tractor as it is equipped with a GPS system that ensures that the small plants are planted in straight rows at regular intervals. Although the plants are already large enough to be planted on the farm, their root ball is not yet developed enough to support the plant on its own.

  • Die landwirtschaftliche Maschine steht auf dem Gras unseres Neem Baum Feldes. Man sieht eine Nahaufnahme, das Rad ist nahe eines Lochs in der Erde, in dem ein Neembaum platziert ist und gegossen wird.

    They are watered for the next year until their root system has developed better and is large enough to be able to provide for themselves. The water for irrigation comes partly from a rainwater catchment basin on the farm, which is pumped into tanks and distributed from there, and partly from wells (but here the water still has to go through a desalination plant). The energy needed for the process is generated by solar panels that have been installed on the farm.

  • Eine große Neem Pflanze steht auf einem Feld, der Himmel ist azurblau mit eineigen Wolken.

    After about a year, the plant has grown into a stately neem tree.

  • Das Fabrikgebäude auf unserer Farm von der Vogelperspektive aus betrachtet, umgeben von Neem Pflanzen, Bäumen und Gras.

    The neem leaves are transported to our newly built production hall, which was planned and constructed by a German engineer. In the hall we have new, state-of-the-art machines that allow us to efficiently process large quantities of neem leaves.

  • Unsere blaue Waschanlage, die mit Wasser die Blätter der Neem Pflanze wäscht.

    Once here, the neem leaves are first thoroughly washed in a washing machine to remove any kind of contamination and ensure the purity of the leaves.

  • Ein fleißiger Mann in Arbeitsklamotten steht vor der Fassade unserer Trockenboxen aus Holz, die wir für die Trocknung von den Blättern der Neem Pflanze benutzen.

    They are then gently dried for two days in specially made drying boxes (as seen here), as the leaves are sensitive to heat and the valuable ingredients of the neem leaf could be damaged by excessive heat.

  • Ein Mensch in der Natur mit gehäuften Neem Blatt Pulver in der Hand.

    Finally, the dried neem leaves are ground, packaged and sent to Germany. There, the rich green neem powder is encapsulated by our partner company and packed into bags, or filled into the bags in the form of the 'loose' powder.